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How Often Should a Wood Burning Fireplace Be Cleaned

If we would say that wood-burning fireplaces look magical and are extremely functional while being all aesthetic, then it won’t be wrong, isn’t it? 

When we talk about winter gatherings and get-togethers, wood-burning fireplaces eventually  become the focal point for everyone to gather and share hot coffee sessions. This certainly has a very healing effect on a person’s mind—very therapeutic to sit in front of live warm flames.

But honestly, having a traditional fireplace at your home can give you surprises by failing miserably at any point or by lacking in the provision of heating efficiency. Proper maintenance and cleaning is another common issue while dealing with the aesthetic wood-burning fireplace at your home. 

When Should I Clean My Wood Burning Fireplace

Homeowners who have a wood burning fireplace at home usually have this question in their minds about how often it should be cleaned. 

Well, we have got you a quick answer to this query. 

The best way to keep your wood burning fireplace maintained is to clean it after each usage since it produces lots of ashes. And this is only a recommended practice, it isn’t necessarily mandatory for the fireplace. 

In fact, the average time between fireplace cleans is about one month.

Before Getting Started With Wood Burning Fireplace Cleaning

After using a wood burning stove or fireplace, do not try to cool down the logs with the help of cool water, and let the flames die naturally. We highly recommend you wait for 24 hours after your last fire before cleaning the fireplace to ensure that it has completely cooled down. 

The task of cleaning a wood fireplace is quite messy and can cover you all in dirt so avoid wearing fine and new clothing. Furthermore, we also recommend wearing safety glasses, gloves, and a dust mask respirator. If a fireplace is set up in the lounge, then cover the surrounding with drop cloths. 

How to Clean a Wood Burning Fireplace? 

Wood burning fireplace maintenance comes with many major safety concerns, especially in winter. You may have to clean your wood burning fireplace each time after the use. That is simply great practice, but if you are a little unaware of what you’re getting yourself into then this section will help you out. 

As we said earlier, wood burning fireplace sweeping is a pretty messy job, and you may need specific things to get started with its cleaning. Many people take the help of fireplace specialists for wood fireplace insert installation and its maintenance, but this can be done occasionally if you notice creosote buildup or any dangerous signs. 

However, to do it on a regular basis on your own, you need;

  • Drop cloths or plastic sheeting
  • Dust mask
  • Safety goggles
  • Rubber gloves
  • Fireplace shovel
  • Hand broom and dustpan
  • Vacuum with hose attachment
  • Warm water
  • Stiff-bristled brush
  • Paper towels
  • Fireplace glass cleaner (optional)

Once you are equipped with all the necessary components needed for wood burning fireplace cleaning, this is the time to follow the mentioned steps. 

  • Remove All the Ash & Debris

The first step to clean the wood stove insert for the fireplace is to remove all the ashes and debris from the bottom of the unit. Discard all the remaining chunks of burnt wood and keep the interior accessories like grates aside. Now, use a fireplace shovel to dish out the ashes produced by the logs during the last use. You can further use handheld broom to sweep the ashes from the walls and floor of the fireplace. You can also use a regular vacuum to mop the floor of the fireplace. 

  • In-depth Cleaning of Firebox & Surrounding

A proper fireplace sweep should include the fireplace and the firebox, liners, smoke chamber and flue, chimney exterior and inspecting the appliance for proper clearances. You should also clean the damper with a strong wire brush and then put it aside so you can clean the other parts of the fireplace. Clean the ledge of the damper before you replace the damper because creosote dust builds up there too. When you return the damper, check that it’s positioned correctly in the interests of conserving heat and ensuring safety.

  • Clean the Fireplace Doors

Once the inside of the fireplace is all cleaned, it’s the time to clean the fireplace doors. You can dip a damp paper towel into a mixture and scrub the firebox until they are clean. You can further wipe away any remaining residue with clean paper towels. 

  • Wipe the Grates & Other Fireplace Accessories

Cleaning fireplace inserts and grates can be a tedious task. Start with a damp cloth on your grate. Humidity prevents the spread of excessive amounts of ash and dust. After cleaning the grate, use a wet/dry vacuum to clean the bottom and walls of the fireplace. Then clean the vacuumed area with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dust particles. For final cleaning, we recommend using warm, soapy water on the walls and floors. When cleaning around the fireplace, don’t forget to clean the fireplace screen and fire tools.

Follow our guide to clean your fireplace, remove harmful deposits, and make sure you’re ready for a cozy night by the fireplace. With a little maintenance on your fireplace, you can keep your home safe and tidy all season long. 

Call the Professionals from Magic Mountain Chimney to Clean the Fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces look simply amazing and are a great resource of providing warmth, but at the same time, they need a lot of maintenance.

 If you reside in Maryland and nearby areas and are looking for the best wood burning fireplace insert installation or repair service, then you can count on Magic Mountain Chimneys. We are experts in sweeping, maintaining, and installing chimneys, stoves, fireplaces, and vents. Book your appointment now or call us at 301-695-6991.