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Getting the Most out of Your Backyard Fire Pit

Fire pits bring a little warmth and a lot of style to any backyard landscape. If you’ve been thinking of having one added to your property, Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps has a few tips on getting years of enjoyment out of it. Placement of your fire pit This is an important decision. Because fire pits Read more

Clearing up 5 Chimney Cleaning Myths

There’s a lot of good information out there about chimneys and how they work and how to keep them clean and safe. There are also quite a few myths circulating, especially in the area of chimney cleaning. We thought we’d expose five of these myths and give you the facts. MYTH #1: If you use Read more

Why Gas Fireplaces Need to be Serviced

Gas fireplaces are a growing trend among homeowners who want an authentic fireplace experience without the maintenance chores that a wood-burning fireplace requires. Available in vented and ventless units, gas fireplaces are low-maintenance, simple to operate, and burn cleaner. They can also be installed in practically any room in the home. Although a gas fireplace Read more

 Reasons to Install A Fireplace

Homeowners are spending more on home improvement projects than ever before. According to HomeAdvisor’s State of Home Spending report, homeowners spent an average of $13,138 on improving their homes in 2020. Homeowners who are tired of the rising energy costs associated with a central heating system may want to consider the benefits of installing an Read more

How To Address Your Leaky Chimney This Winter

The winter season is a festive time of year for gathering around the fireplace, sharing stories, and sipping hot cocoa. The pillow of snow blanketing the neighborhood is a beautiful sight, but it is also a time of year when homeowners are likely to spot a leaky chimney. The rain, snow, and ice can be Read more

Fun, Technology-Free Fireplace Activities

Most of us have spent more time inside over the last year than ever before. There has never been a better time to find new ways to enjoy your family. Finding fun, technology-free games, and activities to do together can make dreary winter days feel bright. Getting away from your phone at the end of Read more

5 Common Chimney Dangers & How To Prevent Them

Chimney service professionals see a lot of different kinds of problems with the chimneys they work on. Here are five fairly common chimney dangers and what you can do about them. 1. Chimney liner damage A cracked or broken chimney liner is a serious risk to the safety of people in your home and to Read more

Don’t Trust Just Any Chimney Sweep

Chimney cleaning is one of the most critical tasks that a chimney sweep performs. Failure to do it properly can increase the risk of fire, not to mention damaging the chimney or even your home resulting in costly repairs. When hiring a chimney sweep, the lowest priced contractor is not always the most experienced or Read more

6 Signs You May Need a New Chimney

When well-built and maintained, a chimney should last for many years. However, various types of damage can happen to a chimney that may shorten its lifespan. Minor damage can be repaired. In cases of major chimney damage, rebuilding a new chimney is often necessary. Here are six signs to watch for that indicate the need Read more

Chimney Rebuilding vs. Re-Pointing

Unfortunately, chimneys don’t always get the maintenance and care they need. When minor chimney damage is not repaired timely, it can accelerate into more extensive repair work requiring chimney re-pointing or rebuilding. Chimney rebuilding and re-pointing are repair processes that restore the chimney’s structural integrity and appearance. While they both may seem similar, they are Read more