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Chimney Leaks – Chimney Repair & Masonry In Frederick County

chimney leak repair in frederick md10 Year Masonry Warranty:

If we repaired it, whether it was a full repair or a partial repair, the part we fixed will stay fixed for 10 years from the day we repaired it.
If it fails, we will repair it and re-waterproof that area at no charge.
This includes repointing (tuck pointing), brickwork, stonework, and crowns.

The exception would be if a sudden occurrence happens to it such as tornado, fire, lightning, tree-strike, settlement or acts of God.

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The condition of your chimney will degrade over the years which may cause leaking. When a chimney leaks, it can cause damage to the exterior and interior of the chimney and house. Call us today we can help!


We will repair or replace your Chimney:


Defective bricks and mortar joints

Cracked or deteriorated crowns and washes.

Lack of a rain cap

Lack of a chimney cricket (saddle flashing)

Improper construction

Defective Chase Covers