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Wood Burning Fireplace Installation & Service

Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps of Frederick, MD, sells and installs top-name wood-burning fireplaces for our customers in Westminster, MD, Mount Airy, MD, and other nearby Maryland cities and towns. We also provide certified chimney sweep, chimney/fireplace inspection and chimney repair work.

wood burning fireplace repair in Harpers Ferry WVHave you been thinking of adding a new fireplace to your home? Is your current masonry fireplace just not doing a good job in keeping you warm? Are you ready to upgrade from an older model zero-clearance fireplace to a new model that brings you all the benefits you want most? Then you need to take a close look at today’s amazing wood fireplaces from brands like Regency and Hampton.

Efficient Wood Fireplace

If you’re operating a traditional masonry fireplace, you probably enjoy its ambiance and rustic good looks but aren’t thrilled with its ability to heat your home. Well, wood isn’t the problem here. The problem is in the open-system design, which allows the majority of heat produced to go up the chimney.

With today’s powerful zero-clearance wood fireplaces, most of the heat created by the unit is sent to the room to warm you during the coldest winter nights. A closed combustion system allows these fireplaces to garner heat-efficiency ratings of 75% and higher, meaning three-quarters of the heat produced will be available in your home. Compare that with 20% or less heat efficiency from old, open masonry fireplaces.

Elegant Fireplace Designs

Top makers Regency and Hampton offer a full line of handsome ZC wood fireplaces, giving you many options for accenting your home’s décor. Whether you want sleek and contemporary, traditional and stylish or anything in between, you’ll find it easy to select the perfect model for your home.

To further beautify your hearth area, let our skilled fireplace remodeling team add a new custom surround of brick, stone or tile that will turn your fireplace into a true centerpiece. Complete the look with an elegant mantel and a classy raised hearth, and you’ll have a wonderful environment for entertaining, socializing or just hanging out and relaxing.

Clean Burning Fireplaces

Modern zero-clearance fireplaces are built in strict accord with the most current EPA clean-burning standards, so you’re assured that your new fireplace will be healthier for the environment than any model from five or 10 or more years ago. In addition, wood is a carbon-neutral fuel: it adds no more emissions to the air when burning that it does when decomposing in its natural forest state.

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Safe Placement

Because of the heavy-duty insulation properties of today’s wood fireplaces, you can safely install them in virtually any wall in your home. No extra modifications are necessary. And thanks to their unique vent system, ZC fireplace installation doesn’t require that a chimney be constructed. These appliances are good to go right out of the box.

Fireplace Installation & Maintenance

Our technicians hold certifications with the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fireplace Institute. When we install your new zero-clearance wood fireplace, it will be done right the first time and adhere to all manufacturer specifications and local zoning/building codes.

With any style of wood-burning fireplace, it’s important to schedule annual cleaning from a certified chimney sweep. Burning wood creates a flammable substance called creosote, which clings to the inside of the vent system. As more creosote is added, more chance of a fire exists. We’ll thoroughly clean your fireplace venting to ensure safe operation.

Visit our showroom at 565A East Church St. in Frederick, MD, and check out some of the latest zero-clearance wood fireplaces that would make spectacular additions to your home. We’ll help you choose the perfect model to meet your heating requirements and aesthetic tastes. Call us with questions at (301) 695-6991.