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Gas Fireplace Insert Installation, Service & Repairs

Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps of Frederick, MD, sells and installs gas-burning fireplace inserts for homeowners in Westminster, MD, Mount Airy, MD, and other nearby Maryland cities and towns. We also provide certified chimney sweep, fireplace maintenance and chimney repair and rebuilding services.

gas fireplace insert repair in Winchester VAFireplaces, ideally, are heating appliances. But if you operate a traditional masonry fireplace, you know how hard it is to get enough heat out of it to seriously warm your home. If heat’s what you’re after, your solution is a new gas-burning fireplace insert. Here’s why.

Powerful Heat

Gas inserts, depending on the design, can carry heat-efficiency ratings of 80% or 85% or even greater. This percentage signifies the amount of heat the fireplace produces that will become actual heat inside your home. Your existing masonry fireplace might have a 20% efficiency rating – or much less. Imagine the difference when the majority of heat generated in your fireplace is available to warm you on cold winter nights.

Closed-Combustion System

Fireplace inserts operate through a highly insulated closed-combustion system that does a superior job in both the generation and preservation of heat. Because of this unique design, any kind of insert will outperform traditional masonry fireplaces, hands down.

Simple On, Simple Off

Nothing works as simply as a gas-burning fireplace insert. A switch or remote button gets your fire started immediately, and extinguishing the flames is just as fast and easy. There’s nothing to haul back to the house, store, load in the firebox and clean up after. Running a gas insert is about as complicated as running a space heater.

Unique Venting System

Gas inserts have their own vent pipe that fits within your existing chimney. When installing an insert, no modifications to the chimney or surrounding parts of the home are necessary. It’s a completely self-contained heat producer.

Clean Burning

Today’s gas fireplace inserts are built to meet the strict emissions-control requirements set forth by the EPA. These requirements guarantee that your insert is operating as cleanly and safely as it possibly can. This is very important to many homeowners.

Gas fireplace insert install in Thurmont MD

Low Maintenance

Because no logs are burned in a gas insert, you’ll have no mess to deal with. Gas burns clean and leaves little residue – occasional wiping off is about all you’ll need to do. Also, gas creates no creosote buildup that will need to be cleaned from the vent pipe. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to spend time messing with a fireplace, go with a gas-burning insert.

Designs to Compliment Your Home

When looking at gas inserts, you’ll quickly notice that there are many gorgeous design styles, shapes and finishes available from top makers such as Regency and Hampton. A new fireplace should be a compliment to the décor of the room in which it’s installed, and that’s exactly what your new insert will be. There’s nothing boring about modern gas-fueled fireplace inserts.

Expert Installation by Certified Pros

Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps’ installation techs are certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fireplace Institute. When we install your new gas fireplace insert, you have the assurance it will be done safely and correctly, following all manufacturer guidelines and complying with any local safety/building codes.

Are you ready to bring serious heat into your home? Visit our showroom at 565A East Church St. in Frederick, MD, and learn more about the amazing advantages of today’s gas fireplace inserts. We’ll help you select the perfect model for your heating needs and aesthetic requirements. Reach us by phone any time at (301) 695-6991. Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps belongs to the National Chimney Sweep Guild.