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Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps of Frederick, MD, sells and installs powerful wood-burning fireplace inserts for our customers in Hagerstown, MD, Thurmont, MD, and other local Maryland communities. We also provide complete chimney sweep, fireplace maintenance and chimney repair services.

wood burning insert in Berryville VAHave you been thinking that your open masonry fireplace simply isn’t doing a very good job in bringing heat into your home? If so, you’re not alone. The solution to this problem that many homeowners are turning to is an efficient wood-burning fireplace insert.

Fireplace inserts are built in a factory and shipped ready to install in your existing firebox. With a wood-burning insert, you’ll lose none of the awesome ambience your masonry fireplace provides, and you’ll add significantly greater heat for your home.

If this is your first time learning about fireplace inserts and their many advantages, here are some things you’ll want to know.

Superior Heating Performance

Today’s wood fireplace inserts from top makers such as Regency and Hampton carry heat-efficiency ratings of 75% and higher. Your masonry fireplace probably is rated around 20% or maybe much lower. This rating tells you the percentage of the total heat produced by a fireplace that will be realized as heat within the home, as opposed to being lost up the chimney.

How Inserts Work

The reason logs in an insert will give you more heat than the same logs in a masonry fireplace is because of the insert’s closed-combustion system design. Inserts are highly insulated and built to preserve most of the heat from a fire. Open masonry fireplaces don’t have this built-in control, so the majority of the warmth they generate ends up outside the house.

Gas Fireplace installs in Hagerstown MDMore Complete Burns

Another reason for the superior performance of wood-burning inserts is the fact that logs in an insert burn more completely, extracting every last bit of soothing heat from the wood. Better burning also means less smoke and therefore less creosote in your vent system.

No Chimney Construction/Modifications

Fireplace inserts come with their own specially designed, heat-rated vent pipe, so there’s no need to build a new chimney or modify your existing one. Likewise, no modifications to any part of the home will be necessary. Fireplace inserts are completely self-contained.


Wood is a carbon-neutral fuel. When it burns, it adds no more emissions to the atmosphere than does wood decaying naturally in a forest. While natural gas is classified as a fossil fuel, wood is a renewable energy source, which is important to a lot of homeowners.

Elegant Designs and Styles

Modern wood inserts are made to perform and look exceptional within any decor. A range of finishes, colors, shapes and sizes make it easy to select the ideal unit to enhance your home’s unique design style. Today’s inserts are real centerpieces that keep looking great winter after winter.

wood burning fireplace insert repair in Harpers Ferry WV

Professional Installation

When you have Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps install your new wood fireplace insert, you’re getting skilled workmanship from technicians certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fireplace Institute. Safety is a big concern when adding any kind of heating appliance, so it’s important to go with experts with proven experience in every phase of installation.

There’s never been a better time to transform your old masonry fireplace with a powerful new wood-burning fireplace insert. Visit our showroom at 565A East Church St. in Frederick, MD, and let us show you some models that will amaze you. Reach us with questions at (301) 695-6991. Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps is a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild.



Benefits of Wood Burning Stoves & Inserts for Fireplace

Here is a list of 5 benefits that you can get by installing a wood burning stove insert for a fireplace

  1. Highly cost-effective for heating purposes
  2. Enhanced efficiency and reduced waste
  3. Help reduce emissions
  4. Safe radiant heat producer
  5. Upgrade your room instantly

Wood stove insert for fireplace reduces heat loss and saves energy. This is an effective method to produce heat with cost-effective measures. At Magic Mountain Chimney, wood-burning inserts for the fireplace come in a variety of different design options, from traditional to contemporary, and we offer a wide range of fireplace accessories to help your new fireplace insert blend well with your existing décor. This will allow you to get a fireplace insert that is perfect for your home and style.

 In addition to this being safer, these wood-burning fireplace inserts provide a higher rate of efficiency than other methods. Wood stove insert installation will also increase efficiency which will create longer burn times. 

Magic Mountain Chimney leads at providing the ideal wood fireplace insert installation at affordable prices in Frederick, Westminster, Carroll County, MD, and nearby areas. Call now to schedule your appointment.