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Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps of Frederick, MD, sells and installs exceptional gas and wood freestanding heating stoves for our customers in Hagerstown, MD, Thurmont, MD, and other local Maryland communities. We also provide complete chimney sweep, chimney inspection & chimney repair services across the entire Frederick region.

When it comes to versatility, performance, great looks and high heat, it’s hard to beat today’s amazing freestanding stoves from leading manufacturers like Regency and Hampton.

Modern gas and wood heating stoves don’t look anything like the old-fashioned stoves you might be thinking of. Rather, they’re designed to complement a home’s décor and add a touch of class and luxury to any room. A wide range of sizes and BTU outputs are available to make it easy to get just the right level of consistent heat.

Versatile Stove Placement

Freestanding stoves are vented through a simple vent pipe that can run out a wall or through the ceiling. Whether you choose a gas-fueled or wood-burning model, you can place your new stove virtually anywhere you choose within the room.

Because of easy venting, you also can add a heating stove to other rooms in the home – kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, den, workshop, you name it. This will give you the ability to economically zone-heat certain spaces without relying on your home’s central heating.

Highly Efficient Heating

And where heating performance is concerned, you won’t be disappointed. Freestanding gas and wood stoves from Regency and Hampton carry heat-efficiency ratings of 70% to 80% and more. This rating tells you the amount of heat produced by the appliance that will be felt as heat within the home. (By comparison, traditional masonry fireplaces have efficiency ratings of about 20% or less.)

Wood Stoves

  • Powerful heat efficiency to warm you and your family on the coldest winter nights
  • The beautiful visual of real burning logs and leaping flames
  • Wood is a carbon-neutral, eco-friendly fuel source
  • Your stove will keep you warm and comfortable during a power outage

Gas Stoves

  • Excellent heat performance for large and small rooms
  • Easy to use – a simple switch gets the fire going immediately and extinguishes it just as quickly
  • Clean-burning operation meets all EPA standards
  • Minimal maintenance and cleaning required

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Heating Stove Installation

The professionals at Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps who install your new gas or wood heating stove hold certifications from the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fireplace Institute. We’re experts at every phase of installation to ensure your appliance is connected and set up properly in accord with all manufacturer specifications.

Safety Inspections & Check-Ups

It’s always a good idea to have your home-heating appliance professionally inspected once a year. Our inspectors will check all gas connections, the condition of the firebox and vent pipe, and all components to ensure continued safe operation. Any necessary repairs can be made quickly.

When you own a freestanding wood stove, cleaning of the vent system will be necessary to remove creosote and soot, flammable substances that can ignite and start a fire. In most cases, a basic cleaning once a year by our certified chimney sweeps is all that’s required.

If you’re ready to bring more heat into your home with an elegant new freestanding gas or wood heating stove, pay a visit to our showroom at 210 Pennsylvania Ave. in Westminster, MD We’ll help you select the perfect model for your heating requirements and decorative tastes. You can always reach us with questions at (301) 695-6991. Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps is a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild.