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Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps of Frederick, MD, sells and installs high-performing zero-clearance gas fireplaces for our customers in Emmitsburg, MD, Harpers Ferry, WV, and other communities in Maryland and West Virginia. We also offer certified chimney sweep, fireplace maintenance and chimney/fireplace repair services.

Your gas has been leaking for a while now, but you did not know what to do. You tried using other methods to find the leak, but nothing worked.

Magic Mountain Chimney offers Gas Leak Repairs in Frederick, MD. You can get your gas leak repaired in no time book your appointment today.

Gas Fireplace installation in Martinsburg WV

Are you looking for a great way to reduce your reliance on your central heat system and add amazing beauty to your home in the process? The answer just might be a new, highly efficient gas fireplace. Today’s zero-clearance gas models give you the ultimate in heat production, versatile placement, stunning good looks and very simple operation.

Gas Fireplaces Produce High Heat

Modern gas fireplaces by top makers such as Regency and Hampton come with heat-efficiency ratings of 75% and higher. This rating means that three-quarters or more of the heat generated by your appliance will be available as heat for your home. Old-fashioned masonry fireplaces, by contrast, carry efficiency ratings of 20% and often much lower, meaning the majority of the heat they produce goes right up the chimney.

The key to efficient heat is the zero-clearance fireplace’s closed combustion system. Highly insulated and self-contained, these fireplaces hold onto heat and send it to the room, not up the vent pipe. It’s a great way to heat a large or small room and save on utility costs.

Lovely Fireplace Designs

ZC gas fireplaces are more than heating units: they’re true aesthetic enhancements that will brighten any room and add a feeling of class and luxury. Many sizes, shapes, colors and finishes are available, making it easy for you to perfectly accent your home’s decor with a powerful new heating appliance.

Add even more zest to your hearth area by having our expert fireplace remodeling technicians install a handsome new fireplace surround of brick, stone or tile. Then take the next step with a stately mantel and gorgeous raised hearth. These extra touches will transform your new fireplace into a true centerpiece that’s great for entertaining, socializing or just relaxing.

Efficient Burn Technology

Modern gas fireplaces are built to meet all the stringent emissions regulations set forth by the EPA. Gas is a naturally clean-burning fuel and never produces smoke or creosote that requires regular vent-system cleaning.

Simple Operation

Keeping your room perfectly comfortable is easy. When you want heat, you flip a switch. When you want heat to stop, you flip a switch. You also have finger-touch control of the level of heat your fireplace generates. When it comes to ease of operation, you can’t beat a modern gas fireplace.

gas fireplace repair in Mount Airy MDPlacement Safety

Because of the heavy insulation in zero-clearance fireplaces, you can place them in virtually any wall in your home without the need to make safety modifications. This is one reason gas fireplaces are popular for use in various rooms of homes for zone heating. Venting is accomplished through a basic pipe that can run out a wall or through the ceiling. Couldn’t be simpler.

Gas Fireplace Installation

Our installation team is certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fireplace Institute to ensure a job well done when we install your new gas fireplace. We closely follow all manufacturer’s installation specs and adhere to all local building and safety codes.

We’re also available to perform annual safety inspections to ensure that the connections and components in your fireplace are working as they should. Regular inspections let you use your new fireplace with the peace of mind that comes from knowing it’s in excellent condition and is completely safe to operate.

Stop in our showroom at 565A East Church St. in Frederick, MD, and see some of the amazing new zero-clearance gas fireplaces available today. We’ll help you decide on the ideal unit that will best meet your home’s heating needs and your aesthetic requirements. Call us today at (301) 695-6991. Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps is a proud member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild.

Is It Safe to Have Gas Fireplaces At Home?

The shortest answer to this question is yes! 

Gas fireplaces have always been super safe than their wood-burning counterparts. You are no longer bound with matches, smoke, sparks, backdrafts, and unexpected damage. Gas fireplaces are generally considered to be safer than any other service in the market but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore basic precautions. Everything requires a few safety measures and by taking them beforehand, you can achieve foolproof security.