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Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps of Frederick, MD, provides professional chimney rebuilding services in Emmitsburg, MD, Harpers Ferry, WV, and other communities in Maryland and West Virginia.

Chimney cleaning and timely repairs can go a long way in extending the life of your chimney. But chimneys don’t last forever, and when they fall into states of significant disrepair, chimney rebuilding services are in order to keep your home and everyone living in it safe.

chimney water proofing & Chimney crown repair in Harpers Ferry WVMinor Chimney Repairs

Various things can go on with a chimney and its components to signal the need for repair work. These include:

  • Loose or missing bricks
  • Cracks in the mortar joints
  • Chimney leaks
  • Damaged chimney liner
  • Cracked chimney crown
  • Warped or damaged chimney flashing

In these and similar cases, basic chimney repair can fix, seal or replace problem areas and components and restore soundness to the chimney.

When Chimney Rebuilding Is Necessary?

If neglected for many years or if severe weather or seismic events have happened, a chimney may be damaged to the point only partial or complete rebuilding will allow you to safely keep using your fireplace.

Magic Mountain’s masonry experts carry certifications from the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fireplace Institute. These credentials confirm that the holder has demonstrated exceptional skill and knowledge in the areas of chimney rebuilding, chimney repair, chimney sweep and other important disciplines.

A Damaged Chimney Won’t Get Any Better

Once severe damage has begun in a chimney, it will only keep getting worse until a dangerous living and operational environment exists. Ongoing water damage is a common problem that causes greater and greater decay of internal and external bricks until the entire chimney structure is prone to collapse.

A single strike of lightning, an earthquake or a violent hailstorm can be enough to significantly compromise the structure of a chimney, depending on its age and condition. Additionally, a chimney that has gone many years without proper inspection and cleaning can be damaged at a level that only chimney rebuilding can address.

The best way to avoid a major chimney rebuild is to have our professional team out for annual inspections and cleanings. Chimney safety is our job, and we bring pride and personal accountability to every project we undertake.

Early Signs of Chimney Damage

Avoiding major rebuilding work means keeping an eye on the condition of your chimney between our service visits. You should call us if you notice any of these signs of early chimney damage:

  • Water in the firebox
  • Crumbling brick and mortar on the roof
  • Missing bricks or missing sections of mortar
  • A chimney fire (signals include odd tapping or rumbling sounds coming from the firebox as well as excess smoke)
  • Rusted damper
  • Significant cracks in the chimney crown
  • Discoloration of exterior masonry
  • Damp patches on walls/ceiling adjacent to the chimney

chimney water damage & chimney masonry repair in Winchester VAWe want your chimney to be safe and fully operational, year after year. If you’ve noticed signs of chimney damage or suspect the structure may be severely compromised, our chimney rebuilding pros will perform a thorough inspection to find out exactly what needs to be addressed. We can then set about making the necessary repairs or rebuilding to restore structural integrity to your chimney.

Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps, based in Frederick, MD, is a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, and our lead technicians hold the highest industry certifications. For chimney rebuilding, chimney inspection or chimney cleaning services, call us first at (301) 695-6991.