Gas Fireplaces Need Regular Servicing For Optimum Condition and Safety
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Why Gas Fireplaces Need to be Serviced

gas fireplace maintenance, emmitsburg mdGas fireplaces are a growing trend among homeowners who want an authentic fireplace experience without the maintenance chores that a wood-burning fireplace requires. Available in vented and ventless units, gas fireplaces are low-maintenance, simple to operate, and burn cleaner. They can also be installed in practically any room in the home. Although a gas fireplace doesn’t produce the amount of creosote that wood fireplaces create, it does produce soot and other residues that require annual cleaning.

Annual Maintenance for Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces need annual maintenance by a qualified technician to inspect for worn or damaged parts and vent obstructions that could lead to fire, gas leaks, carbon monoxide exposure, or premature appliance failure. Professional gas fireplace maintenance services include cleaning the fireplace, chimney, and vents to prevent exposure to dangerous carbon monoxide fumes.

Chimney Cleaning

The chimney plays an essential role in the safe and efficient operation of a gas fireplace. Without annual cleaning, corrosive residues and debris built up in the chimney and ventilation system can increase the risk of fire and exposure to carbon monoxide gas. It will also reduce its heating efficiency. The chimney in a vented gas fireplace should be inspected for any damages and cleaned every year to remove dust, soot, and other corrosive residues that can also damage the chimney resulting in more extensive repairs later.

Clear Vent Obstructions

When servicing your gas fireplace, the technician will clear any obstructions blocking the vent. The flue duct needs a clear path to ensure the safe and efficient expulsion of carbon monoxide exhaust. Animals, nests, or debris that block the vent can result in dangerous carbon monoxide levels in your living space if not removed.

gas fireplace service hampstead mdInspecting and Cleaning Your Gas Fireplace

Whether you have a vented or ventless gas fireplace, it needs an annual inspection and professional cleaning to prolong its useful life.  Over the course of a year, plenty of pet hair, dust, and other particles can accumulate inside the fireplace that can reduce its efficiency and damage internal parts that can lead to premature failure. A certified technician will inspect and clean the glass doors, ceramic logs, firebox, burner, pilot assembly, and other components. The technician will also check for gas leaks and repair or replace any defective or worn parts.

Oxygen Depletion Sensor

A ventless or vent-free gas fireplace vents carbon monoxide into the room instead of up a chimney. The oxygen depletion sensor built into the appliance will automatically shut off the fireplace when it senses low oxygen levels in the room to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. The oxygen depletion sensor is a vital safety device that needs to be inspected every year. As an additional safety precaution, smoke and CO detectors should be installed in your home and tested twice yearly.

Ceramic Logs

Although ceramic logs can last for several years, they still need to be inspected and cleaned every year. Its durability depends on quality and frequency of use. When ceramic logs degrade, they begin to fade, crack, and chip. These tiny fragments can get inside the gas fireplace and damage other components if not replaced. Proper care and professional maintenance will help prolong their useful life. Replacing ceramic logs should only be performed by a qualified technician to avoid damaging the gas fireplace.