What's The Best Place in the House To Put A Fireplace?
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Places You Never Thought Of Putting a Fireplace But Should

Fireplace installation in Frederick, MDWords people associate with fireplaces have all the feels! Why have a fireplace in just one room when sitting by a lit fireplace makes people feel things like love, coziness, warmth, comfort, and relaxation? No need to tear yourself away from glowing flames just because you’re going to bathe or read in bed. There are other perfect places in your home for a fireplace besides the main living area. The following are places you may have never considered putting a fireplace but really should!

Your Master Bathroom

Put the relaxation of a fireplace and soaking in a spa tub together in your home and you have a recipe for stress elimination. Modern gas and wood-burning fireplaces are built so that they can be installed safely with combustible materials just a few inches away. Gas is best for your bathroom. You could have a cozy fire going in view of your tub or even on the wall next to it. As you take your leisure, you may even feel like home is a vacation getaway.

The Man Cave or She Shed

You’re already engaging in your favorite activities surrounded by many of your favorite things in your Man Cave or She Shed. Add a fireplace and you may declare your sanctuary a heaven on earth. Warm fires take the chill out of the air in winter and create a treasured environment that simply makes life better.


Fireplace Installation in Hagerstown, MDNot just the master bedroom but every bedroom in your home could be perfect for efficient fireplaces. Wood-fueled fireplaces feature the soothing sound of crackling wood and an unmistakable, woodsy aroma. Gas fireplaces offer instant heat and convenience that’s nothing short of remarkable. When you have efficient heating appliances installed throughout your home, you can “zone heat.” Zone heating can help you cut hundreds of dollars off of your annual heating costs! Instead of heating your whole house with a forced air HVAC system, you heat the room or rooms you’re most in with an alternative heat source; like a fireplace or heating stove. Firewood is the least expensive heating fuel, and the efficient appliances manufactured today create the right atmosphere for wood to burn at maximum efficiency.

Home Gym or Game Room

Does your home gym or game room lack charm? Actually, if any rooms in your home lack decorative warmth, a fireplace can achieve that while also keeping out the cold.

A home is meant to be lived in, and the addition of fireplaces can ensure that multiple rooms which were previously stark and cold are completely inviting.

The Kitchen

Families often gather in the kitchen more than anyplace else in the home and, yet, the heart of the home could still use the decorative touch that only a fireplace can provide. When you think about all the work that goes into preparing delicious meals and then cleaning up the messes that follow, it’s tough to deny that the ambiance only a beautiful fireplace can provide is well-deserved and ideal in the kitchen.

Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps offer fireplace sales and have certified technicians who can install and maintain your new fireplace. Visit our showroom to see an exciting collection of gas and wood-burning zero-clearance fireplaces. We’re located at 565-A East Church Street in Frederick MD. You can also call us during normal working hours on weekdays at 301-695-6991. A fireplace can be installed almost anywhere as long as venting can be directed outside through a wall or ceiling. Where would you like to add one or more fireplaces in your home?