There Are Many Fireplace Activities You Can Do With Your Family
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Fun, Technology-Free Fireplace Activities

Most of us have spent more time inside over the last year than ever before. There has never been a better time to find new ways to enjoy your family. Finding fun, technology-free games, and activities to do together can make dreary winter days feel bright. Getting away from your phone at the end of the day can also help you relax for bed. There are many enjoyable technology-free activities that you can do around the fire; these are our top seven.

Smores With the Family by Fire, hampstead md#1. Make S’mores

You don’t have to build a bonfire to make s’mores. You can make them in the comfort of your home around your fireplace. All you need is a set of roasting sticks, giant marshmallows, a bar of chocolate, and graham crackers. Just be careful not to light your marshmallow on fire and set off your fire detector!

#2. Play Telephone

Want to see if you are a family of good listeners? Play Telephone while you sit around the fire. The game starts when one person whispers a word or phrase into the person’s ear next to them. Then that person whispers it to the next person. This continues until the last person in line hears it. The last says what they heard out loud.

#3. Storytime

Reading stories aloud isn’t only for children; it is an activity the whole family can enjoy. Choose a book that you all would like to read. Take turns to read it to each other as you sit around the fireplace. You may be amazed at how engaged you are in the story when it is read aloud and the lively discussions that it sparks.

roasting nuts in the fireplace, carroll county md#4. Roast Nuts

Even though Christmas this year has passed, you can still enjoy chestnuts roasting over an open fire. Pecans and almonds are also excellent nuts to roast over the fire. All you need is a fire-safe pan with a long handle and a lid (many people prefer a cast iron skillet) along with shelled nuts. Place the shelled nuts in the pan, then place the pan on hot coals. Let the nuts roast for 5 to 7 minutes, stirring frequently. Once the nuts are brown and fragrant, take the pan out of the fire and your family is ready to enjoy!

#5. Name that Tune!

If your family loves music, play the game “Name that Tune”! You can divide into two teams or compete individually. One person will sing a line or two from a song. Then the other plays have to guess the name of the song and/or the artist. Whatever person or team answers the most songs correctly wins.

#6. Spotlight

Want to boost everyone’s mood? Play Spotlight! The game is simple, pick one person to be in the spotlight. Have them sit in a special chair in front of the fire. Then have everyone in the room go around and say one thing that they admire or appreciate about that person.

#7. Play Mafia

There is no better game to play around the fireplace than Mafia if you have a large family. Mafia is a murder mystery game that gets everyone involved. Check out Instructables rules for the game if you’ve never played.

Winter can feel long and dreary, especially when you are cooped up inside. You can make this winter memorable and fun by taking a break from your phone and settling around your fireplace for a technology-free activity. If you haven’t had your chimney cleaned in the last 12 months, be sure to set an appointment before you light your fireplace. So don’t want your family fun night to be spoiled by a chimney fire.