What Do I Have To Do Before I Get A Gas Fireplace For My Home?
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Choosing a Gas Fireplace for your Home

Gas Fireplace Installation in Frederick, MD Winters here can be bitterly cold. It is also a time of year when heating bills typically soar. That’s why many homeowners are choosing a gas fireplace for their home. They are clean-burning and easier to maintain than a traditional fireplace. And with up to 90% heating efficiency, they produce more heat and consume less fuel. With no more wasted energy going up the chimney, it’s the perfect way to stay warm and cozy all winter.

Decide its location in your home

One of the best advantages of choosing a gas fireplace is that you can install it practically anywhere in your home. You can install it in the living room, den, master bedroom, and even the kitchen. It’s also an easy and affordable way to convert an existing wood-burning fireplace into a clean-burning and energy-efficient gas fireplace. So, give some thought as to where in your home you would prefer to have a gas fireplace.

Measure the space

Gas fireplaces are available in a range of sizes. The right size model you will need will depend on the square footage of the area you want to heat. Also, if you’re going to install the fireplace along a wall, you will need to measure the amount of available wall space too. Gas fireplace inserts that are used to convert a traditional fireplace require precise measurements for space and safety requirements. Magic Mountain Chimney or your local hearth dealer should take the necessary measurements for all gas fireplace installations.

Do you need a vented or ventless model?

There are two types of gas fireplaces: vented and ventless units. Vented gas fireplaces require either a chimney or vent to expel carbon monoxide fumes from your living space.  Therefore, when installing a vented gas fireplace in a home without a chimney, it will need to be placed on a wall that can be vented to the outside. EnergyStar gas fireplaces are highly efficient and produce high heat while consuming less fuel.

Ventless or vent-free gas fireplaces don’t require a chimney or vent and can be installed practically anywhere in the home. They are perfect for condos, townhomes, and other smaller spaces that don’t have the space for a traditional fireplace. Ventless fireplace inserts don’t produce the high heat of a vented gas fireplace for safety reasons, but they do have a high aesthetic value. Also, a vent-free gas fireplace should only be installed in well-ventilated areas.

gas insert for sale In Hagerstown, MDArrange for professional installation

The pros at Magic Mountain Chimney will help you select the best gas fireplace that meets your home heating needs. They are available in many aesthetically pleasing designs like traditional, modern, and rustic that will enhance your interior décor and create a cozy living space. We will also arrange for home delivery and professional installation.