What Fireplace Accessories Should I Have for my Fireplace?
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5 Accessories Every Fireplace Should Have

Fireplace Accessories in Frederick, MDAccentuating your fireplace is an exciting way to add a warm and charming ambiance to your living space. Fireplace accessories are not only decorative but are also necessary tools to manage and control a wood-burning fireplace. Uplift your fireplace experience with these must-have accessories.

Fireplace Tool Set

A set of fireplace tools will allow you to tend the fire like a pro. Some of these tools include tongs, pokers, brushes, and shovels. A poker is used to manage the fire and ensure even distribution of the heat. Tongs make it possible to safely pick up fiery logs and move them in the firebox without burning yourself. The shovel is necessary to scoop up the ash while the brush is used to sweep stray ashes back into the firebox. A beautifully designed stand stores these set of tools within easy reach right in front of the fireplace.

Decorative Fire Screen

Fire screens are available in a variety of decorative styles, but they also serve an essential safety function. A fire screen allows you to enjoy the crackling fire of an open hearth while preventing the escape of hot embers from the burning logs. Hot embers that fly out of the fireplace can ignite combustible materials like furniture and flooring. It also reduces the amount of soot and ash on carpeting and furniture. If you have small children and pets, a beautiful glass door is a must-have option. It allows you to enjoy the heat while protecting children and pets from getting too close to the flames.

Handheld Bellows

Handheld Bellows for chimneyThe ideal way to recuperate a dying fire is to give it a blast of air without blowing ashes around. And handheld bellows are the go-to accessory for that purpose. This simple but necessary accordion-like tool sucks air into its bag and out into the fireplace. The safe addition of oxygen wakes up the dying embers to extend the life of your fire.


Andirons are also known as fire dogs and support the firewood allowing air to circulate below for a more efficient fire. They are available in a variety of antique and modern styles that will add character to your fireplace.  Most andirons can be used without a grate. But if your fireplace has the space, a grate will give it an even more stunning appearance.

Fireplace Rugs

Fireplace rugs contain fire-resistant materials that not only protect your home from embers and spark hazards but also bring a refined look to your fireplace. They are available in a wide assortment of colors, sizes, and styles, that will complement any home decor.

Make your fireplace the heart of your home when you spice it up with decorative accessories every fireplace should have. It will make your room feel cozier while providing the tools you need to manage your fire. You can top off the motif even further by hanging artwork or a decorative mirror above your fireplace. Now its time to relax and enjoy the warmth of the hearth. You’ve earned it.