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Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps provides chimney cleaning, chimney repair, chimney inspection and heating appliance sales and service for customers in Westminster, MD. We also serve Uniontown, MD, New Windsor, MD, Hampstead, MD, Manchester, MD, Taneytown, MD, and other local communities.

Chimney sweep & Chimney cleaning in Westminster MD

Chimney Sweep

Most fire-safety agencies in the U.S. recommend that chimneys and vent systems connected to wood-burning heating appliances be cleaned once a year. That’s smart, because burning wood results in creosote forming inside the flue, and creosote can easily ignite and start a chimney or house fire.

All Magic Mountain chimney sweep work is overseen by trained technicians certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fireplace Institute. Our thorough process will not only reduce the chance of a fire but also help to prevent damage to your chimney liner, remove drafting obstructions and find signs of early flue damage so it can be repaired quickly.

certified chimney inspection in Westminster MD

Chimney Inspections – Westminster, Maryland

There are three recognized levels of chimney inspection, and we perform them all in Westminster and neighboring communities.

A Level 1 inspection is a basic safety inspection that’s usually done once a year.

Level 2 inspections are performed when the home is being sold, when a new fireplace or insert is being connected to the existing chimney, and when there has been a chimney fire.

Level 3 inspections are quite involved and are only performed when an earlier inspection has turned up significant damage within the chimney system.


leaky chimney repair in Westminster MD

Leaky Chimneys

Most chimneys eventually will leak, if they last long enough. The key is quick leak repair, so water damage doesn’t spread throughout the structure and its components. Our certified chimney experts can determine the source of a chimney leak and initiate repairs right away. Signs of a leaky chimney include:

  • Condensation on glass fireplace doors
  • Patches of mold inside the firebox
  • Dampness on walls adjacent to the fireplace/chimney
  • Strong odors coming from the fireplace
  • Water in the firebox
  • White discoloration of exterior chimney bricks
  • Rusty/hard-to-operate damper


Chimney flue liner repair in Westminster MD

Chimney Repairs

The Magic Mountain team is trained and certified in all chimney repair issues that may arise. We work hard to make sure your chimney runs safely and at peak efficiency all year long.

Chimney repair and component replacement services cover chimney bricks and mortar, chimney caps and chase tops, chimney liners/interior flue bricks, chimney crowns and flashing and smoke chambers, smoke shelves and fireplace dampers.

When we repair any part of your chimney, it will be done by experts who care about your safety.

chimney rebuilding in Westminster MD

Chimney Masonry Work – Waterproofing

Over time, the masonry on most chimneys will need some level of repair work. Common problems include loose or missing bricks and cracking in the masonry that leads to structural water damage. We often perform tuckpointing, which adds a strong compound to areas where bricks have fallen away. Cracks in many cases can be sealed with a waterproof coating to prevent water infiltration.

Whatever issues may exist with the chimney at your Westminster home, we’ll do the necessary masonry work to solve the problem.

Chimney Rebuilding

Older chimneys often fall into states of disrepair that require partial or complete chimney rebuilding. If your chimney has started to lean to one side, or if a significant number of bricks have dislodged from the structure, our certified chimney rebuilding specialists are here to help. We’re Maryland’s chimney experts with the singular goal of keeping you and your family safe and comfortable.

fireplace remodel in Westminster MD

Fireplace Remodeling: Mantel Additions, Raised Hearths, Fireplace Surround Installation

Looking to spruce up your hearth area? Here are three great ways to do it.

  • Add a stunning brick, stone or tile fireplace surround
  • Have a handsome raised hearth built to add elegance to your room
  • Install a classy mantel above the fireplace on which to place family photos, artwork, antiques, candles or anything else.

Magic Mountain specializes in fireplace remodeling projects to bring more beauty to your heart area.

fireplace insert installation in Westminster MD

Fireplaces, Stoves & Inserts – We Sell & Install

Are you shopping for a new fireplace, heating stove or fireplace insert? Visit our showroom today at 210 Pennsylvania Ave. in Westminster, and see many exciting selections. We’ll help you determine the ideal model based on your heating needs, fuel preferences (gas or wood) and aesthetic tastes.

When it’s time to install your new appliance, our certified installation pros will perform the work in strict accord with manufacturer specifications and in compliance with local safety codes. We pride ourselves on safe and efficient installations.

For all chimney, fireplace and stove services in and around Westminster, MD, Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps is the name you can trust. Reach us by phone at (301) 695-6991.