Why Is It Important To Get My Gas Fireplace Logs Clean Regularly?
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Maintenance and Care of Gas Logs | Gas Log Cleaning Service

Gas Fireplace Installation in Frederick, MDOne of the many benefits of a gas fireplace is its clean-burning and lower maintenance features. But low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. Gas fireplaces are liquid fuel heating appliances. And although they produce much fewer contaminants than its wood-burning counterpart, they still produce some residue, including creosote. Since residue from gasses can be corrosive, proper cleaning and maintenance of your gas fireplace logs are essential. It will not only improve safety and efficiency, but it will also prolong its useful life.

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Turn Pilot Light Off

Locate the pilot light for your gas fireplace and turn it to the off position. Allow a few hours for the logs to cool. If you’re not sure how to operate the pilot light, contact your local gas utility or hearth dealer. They will send a technician to turn it off and show you how to turn it back on.

Remove the Logs

When the logs are cool to the touch, carefully remove them from the fireplace. Some gas logs have intricate hand-painted details and delicate textures that resemble real wood, so be careful to avoid scratching or cracking the surface. You may find it easier to lay them on top of newspapers on the floor, so they don’t accidentally fall off a table.

Cleaning Gas Logs

Use a damp rag or lint-free cloth to wipe off the soot, carbon, and dust from the logs, at least once per year. Be careful to avoid scratching the logs, or they will no longer be useable. Liquid gas log cleaners are also available at your local fireplace dealer and may make it easier to clean. But avoid using household cleaners as the chemical residue can damage the logs and cause harmful exposure to vapors.

Vacuum the Fireplace

Since the gas logs have been removed, now is a great time to clean and vacuum the soot and dust in the fireplace before replacing the gas logs. Make sure to clean all of the components, including the burner and ignition.

Inspecting Gas Logs

Before replacing the logs inside the fireplace, carefully check them for any signs of damage, such as scratches or cracks. If any gas log has any signs of damage, they must be replaced. Damaged logs will continue to deteriorate and can crack or fall apart, making a mess inside the fireplace and potentially cause damage to other components resulting in expensive repairs.

Fireplace Cleaning & Repair In Frederick, MDProfessional  Inspection & Cleaning

Your vented or ventless gas fireplace should be professionally inspected annually by a trained and certified professional.

Annual inspections ensure your gas fireplace continues to operate safely at maximum efficiency. Annual gas fireplace and log cleaning are also available. Our trained and certified professionals will clean the entire system, including the gas logs and the pilot light. We also offer a wide variety of vented and ventless gas logs for an authentic fireplace experience.

Why Maintenance & Care of Gas Logs Is Extremely Important

A lot of people are usually confused as to why they need to mountain and care for gas logs installed in their homes. First of all, safety comes first over any other thing, and to maintain all the protection measures for your home, you must ensure the maintenance of gas logs. 

It is extremely important to care for the gas logs as it would help you run them over a long time. A thorough cleaning should always be a part of your annual maintenance. Since gas logs can collect lots of dust, you need blowers or interference with the pilot lights to clean and maintain the area.