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Leaky Chimney Problems? Get Fast Chimney Repair in Westminster, MD/Washington DC

Get Fast Chimney Repair in Westminster, MD

Leaky chimneys are among the biggest reasons for extensive damage to chimneys throughout the Westminster, MD, region. Often, a chimney leak goes unnoticed, allowing the issue to get worse and worse before anything is done about it. The certified chimney technicians at Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps Fireplace & Grills are here to put an end to all this.

Why Is My Westminster Chimney Leaking?

Leaky Chimney Repair in Westminster, MDA “chimney leak” simply means that water is somehow getting into the system. The challenge is determining exactly where the leak exists and how much of the chimney structure and/or its components are being affected.

Here are some common causes of a leaky chimney:

Damaged or missing chimney cap: This scenario will allow water from rain and snow to drop right into the chimney flue and start a cycle of decay

Cracked chimney crown: The cement chimney crown sits at the top of the chimney to cover everything except the flue pipe(s). When crowns become cracked, water can move into the cracks, freeze and expand, cause further damage, and eventually start spilling down into the chimney’s interior and firebox.

Decaying masonry: Porous bricks and mortar often suffer water damage as the years pass.


As with chimney crowns, water can infiltrate cracks in bricks or mortar joints and then freeze and expand. The more decay to the masonry, the greater the chance of a destructive chimney leak.

Damaged roof flashing: The gap between the exterior chimney and the roof of your Westminster home is protected by flashing, a strip of material that blocks rain and snow. Damaged or warped flashing will allow water to seep down into the house, where it can cause material rot and mold growth.

How Can I Tell if I Have a Leaky Chimney?

Chimney leaks often leave clues. If you spot any of them, call us right away so we can inspect your chimney and make the needed repairs fast to prevent extensive damage.

Chimney leak clues include:

  • Water in the firebox
  • Odd, musty odors coming from the fireplace
  • Visible or tactile dampness on walls and the ceiling adjacent to the fireplace/chimney
  • Mold growth in the attic
  • Efflorescence (white staining) on the chimney’s exterior masonry
  • Crumbling debris on the roof next to the chimney (this may not mean an actual leak, but it could lead to one)

Chimney inspection in Westminster, MDThe Value of a Certified Chimney Inspection

Our certified chimney specialists bring a depth of knowledge and understanding of chimney systems to every chimney inspection project. We can not only locate the source of your chimney leak, we also can spot other signs of trouble that you may not be aware of.

Basic chimney inspections cover all the visible areas of your chimney and fireplace as well as their components. We use advanced video technology to inspect the inside of your chimney flue to spot leaky areas and damage that needs to be addressed.

If you have a leaky chimney at your Westminster, MD, home, contact the trusted professionals at Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps Fireplace & Grills. We bring our 30+ years’ experience to the entire Westminster region including Boonsboro, MD, Brunswick, MD, Cambridge Estates, MD, Campus Heights, MD, and other communities. Call us today at (301) 695-6991.