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There are many reasons homeowners in the Westminster, MD, area choose to add a new fireplace, stove or fireplace insert to their homes. If you’re in the decision-making process, why not speak with an expert who can point you in the right direction? Visit the Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps Fireplace & Grills remodeled showroom at 210 Pennsylvania Ave. in Westminster today.

Heating Appliances You Need for Your Westminster Home

Fireplace Installation in Westminster, MDDo you have a masonry fireplace that simply isn’t producing the heat you desire? Are you in a new home that has no supplemental heating appliance? In either case, we’re here to help you find the right solutions.

Gas ZC Fireplaces

Zero-clearance (ZC) gas fireplaces bring lots of heat and are very easy to use. Minimal mess is created when running these appliances, and about all you’ll need in terms of maintenance is an annual checkup by a certified gas fireplace technician.

Wood ZC Fireplaces

Traditionalists love wood-burning zero-clearance fireplaces. As with gas models, these units can be installed safely in many walls throughout your Westminster home. Modern wood fireplaces bring exceptional heat performance, great looks and the unmatched ambience of real wood fires.

Freestanding Gas Heating Stoves

If a stove is more to your liking, consider some of the models we carry from top manufacturers like Regency and Hampton. A new gas stove uses its own vent pipe and can be placed anywhere in your home where there’s a nearby wall or ceiling. Abundant heat, mesmerizing flames and ease of use – those are just three of the benefits of today’s gas heating stoves.

wood stove installation services in Westminster, MDWood Heating Stoves

You can purchase modern wood heating stoves in a range of attractive styles, sizes and finishes – just like with their gas counterparts. Wood freestanding stoves have very high heat-efficiency ratings and give you all the beautiful visuals and aromas that make you love heating with wood.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Inserts are like fireplaces in a box. They come from the factory ready to be installed in the firebox of your existing masonry fireplace. Gas logs bear a remarkable resemblance to real wood logs, but the amount of heat the insert produces will in no way resemble what you’re getting from your current open fireplace.

Wood Fireplace Inserts

Do you prefer wood fires in your fireplace? Then go with a powerful new wood-burning fireplace insert.

These appliances use much of the same technology as gas inserts to bring welcomed heat to your Westminster home and help you reduce your reliance on your central heating system.

The Key Benefits in a New Heating Appliance

  • Whether you choose a new fireplace, stove or fireplace insert, you won’t be disappointed in the ambience and heat it brings to your home.
  • Choose from many styles and models to make a perfect match with your current décor
  • Design styles of stoves, fireplaces and inserts range from traditional and rustic to sleek and contemporary
  • Many sizes, BTU outputs and heat-efficiency ratings make it easy to find the perfect model for your heating needs
  • Industry-leading manufacturers offer products that are safe and will delight you for years and years
  • Initiate zone heating in your Westminster, MD, home with smaller units that are ideal for kitchens, bedrooms, dens, workshops and even laundry rooms and bathrooms

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