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chimney repair & fireplace service in Mount Airy MD

Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps provides chimney cleaning, chimney repair, chimney inspection and more for our customers in Mount Airy, MD. We also serve the neighboring communities of Woodville, MD, Linganore, MD, Franklinville, MD, Freedom, MD, and Eldersburg, MD.

Chimney sweep & Chimney cleaning in Mount Airy MD

Chimney Sweep

Our chimney sweep services include using specialized brushes, scrapers and vacuums to thoroughly remove dangerous creosote and soot from the chimney flue. Creosote is responsible for most chimney fires in the U.S. each year, so annual chimney cleaning is important. We also clean out debris from trees and animal nests to keep your fireplace drafting properly.

All our chimney cleaning activities are overseen by trained technicians who are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the National Fireplace Institute. Work on your chimney will be done safely and correctly every time.

certified chimney inspection in Mount Airy MD

Mount Airy, MD, Chimney Inspections

Professional chimney inspections safeguard your chimney by determining the cause of problems and getting them fixed fast. There are three recognized levels of chimney inspection.

A Level 1 inspection covers visible areas of the chimney and its components.

Level 2 inspections are called for following a chimney fire, when the home is being sold and when a new appliance is being hooked up to the chimney.

Level 3 inspections are performed when known significant damage exists within the chimney system.


leaky chimney repair in Mount Airy MD

Chimney Leak Repair

When chimney leaks are happening, serious damage to the bricks of your chimney, the chimney liner and your home itself may not be too far down the line. Magic Mountain’s certified technicians are experts at finding the source of a leaky chimney and initiating repairs right away.

Call us if you notice any of these signs of a leaky chimney:

  • Mold growth inside the firebox
  • Water in the firebox
  • Rusty damper
  • Wet or damp patches on walls or the ceiling
  • “Sweaty” glass doors on the fireplace
  • Unusual odors in the fireplace
  • Efflorescence (white discoloration) of exterior chimney masonry

Chimney flue liner repair in Mount Airy MD

Chimney Repair Services

The Magic Mountain crew is skilled in all types and levels of chimney repair. All our effort goes toward ensuring that the chimney and fireplace in your Mount Airy home are safe to use and in excellent working shape.

Our chimney repair services cover problems with the chimney structure and all components including chimney chase tops, chimney caps, chimney crowns, flashing, dampers, smoke chambers, smoke shelves and more. We will perform expert repairs or replacement, as necessary.

chimney rebuilding in Mount Airy MD

Chimney Masonry – Seal-Coating & Tuckpointing

Damage to chimney masonry isn’t a huge problem if it’s caught early. If sections of bricks have fallen from the structure, a process known as tuckpointing refills open areas with a strong compound to restore safety to your chimney. When cracks are developing in the bricks and mortar, a waterproof coating can prevent serious water damage and prolong the life of your chimney.

We’re ready and able to handle any chimney masonry repair work at your Mount Airy home and exceed your expectations every time.

Chimney Rebuilding Services

When chimneys pass a certain age, they’re prone to decay and decomposition. If your chimney is beginning to lean to the side or if large sections of brick and mortar are missing, our certified chimney technicians can partially or completely rebuild your chimney and make it safe to operate and live around. Count on Maryland’s chimney experts for superior service and unmatched workmanship.

fireplace remodel in Mount Airy MD

Fireplace Remodeling: Add a Mantel, Surround or Raised Hearth

It’s easy to enhance the look and elegance of your hearth area with our fireplace remodeling services such as:

  • Installation of a beautiful new fireplace surround made of brick, stone or tile
  • Adding a new mantel above the fireplace
  • Building a great-looking raised hearth

Whatever look you’re after for your hearth area, Magic Mountain will make it happen.

fireplace insert installation in Mount Airy MD

Fireplaces, Stoves & Inserts – Sales & Installation

If it’s time to add a new gas or wood fireplace, freestanding stove or fireplace insert to your home, visit our showroom at 565A East Church St. in Frederick, MD. We’ll help you select the ideal model that will meet your heating requirements, fuel preferences and designer tastes.

We can then install your new appliance safely and in accord with manufacturer specs and in compliance with all local building and safety codes. We take special pride in bringing beauty, comfort and safety to your home.

Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps is on call for all chimney cleaning, repair, rebuilding and inspection services in Mount Airy, MD, and surrounding communities. Reach us fast at (301) 695-6991.