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Certified Chimney Sweep in Westminster, MD

If you operate a wood-burning fireplace at your Westminster, MD, home, you’ve probably heard about the need for annual chimney sweep services. Chimney sweeping, or chimney cleaning, involves several important processes that are important in keeping your chimney safe and performing at peak capacity.

Two Main Reasons for Certified Chimney Sweep Services

Chimney Sweep in Westminster, MDMagic Mountain Chimney Sweeps Fireplace & Grills provides chimney experts with the right tools, hands-on training and certification through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). You should only trust your Westminster-area chimney to an experienced professional for:

1. removal of flammable creosote

2. removal of air-draft obstructions

Why are these jobs so important?

Creosote Can Cause a Chimney Fire

Chimney fires happen in Westminster homes and in other areas primarily because of excess creosote inside the chimney flue. When smoke condenses in the flue, creosote forms and clings to the walls of the liner. Over time, a large amount of creosote can build up, providing plenty of fuel for a destructive chimney fire.

Chimney sweep professionals use a variety of tools including electronic brushes, rotating rods and chains, specialized scrapers, cleaning solvents and commercial vacuums to safely remove creosote and soot from chimney flues. Annual chimney sweeping is recommended by all fire-safety agencies in the U.S.

It’s not just the big, blazing chimney fires we’re concerned with. Many fires are smaller, starting and going out on their own. But any size chimney fire can do damage to the chimney liner, interior masonry, chimney components and unseen areas of your home. The old saying “Better safe than sorry” definitely applies to chimney cleaning.

A Blocked Chimney in Your Westminster Home Can Be Dangerous

Aside from creosote, chimney flues can become loaded with debris such as tree leaves, twigs, dust from the outside air, the nests of small critters and dead birds, squirrels and other animals who were unable to get out of the chimney after getting in. These obstructions impede the drafting of smoke and toxins from your fireplace. With enough debris in the flue, you, your family and your pets can be subject to carbon monoxide poisoning. You can’t see or smell this harmful substance, but it is known to cause illness and even death in humans and animals.

Annual Chimney Sweep in Westminster, MDChimney sweeps are able to remove obstructions from your flue. If you run your chimney without a chimney cap, your Magic Mountain certified chimney tech can properly install one for you. Chimney caps allow smoke to exit the top of the chimney while keeping debris and animals from getting in.

Chimney Sweep Services Year-Round

Our Westminster, MD, customers schedule chimney sweep services at any time of year – whatever is most convenient for them.  They often add a chimney inspection and take a major step toward keeping their chimneys and fireplace running safely and smoothly all winter long.

In addition to chimney cleaning and CSIA-certified chimney inspections, our crews can help in many other areas:

  • Chimney cap repair/custom installation
  • Chimney crown rebuilding/repair
  • Chimney liner repair/replacement
  • Brick work and chimney masonry repair
  • Smoke chamber parking
  • Damper repair/replacement
  • Flashing repair/installation
  • ·Chimney chase top repair/replacement

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