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Chimney Sweep and Repair In Finksburg MD – We Also Sell & Install Fireplaces & Stoves

chimney sweep & repair in Finksburg MD

Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps is your trusted source for home heating appliance sales and service, including fireplaces, stoves, chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, and chimney repairs in Finksburg and throughout Maryland.

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Fireplace, Stoves, and Inserts

We invite you to visit our spacious showroom for an impressive selection of the top gas and wood-burning fireplaces, heating stoves, and fireplace inserts from the brands consumers trust the most. Our showroom is conveniently located a short ten-mile drive north of Finksburg.

You will find a heating appliance for every room in your home. It’s an ideal way to keep your home and family warm while reducing energy costs. Our friendly and knowledgeable home heating experts are available to help you select the fireplace, heating stove, or insert that is best for your home.

After selecting your new home heating appliance, we can also arrange for professional delivery and installation. All installations are performed by our NFI certified specialists per manufacturer specs and local building codes. For more than thirty years, Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps has been the preferred home heating provider for homeowners in Finksburg and throughout Maryland.

chimney inspection in Finksburg MD

Chimney Inspections – Finksburg, Maryland

Annual chimney inspections are the only way to truly determine whether it's safe to use with your fireplace or heating stove. That’s because there are many parts of the chimney that homeowners rarely see, like the flue liner, smoke shelf, chimney crown, and throat damper, for example. Excessive creosote, corrosion, cracked tiles, and other damages can not only cause health and safety issues but can lead to structural problems as well.

At Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps, our trained professionals are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute (CSIA) to perform all three chimney inspection levels per industry-standard guidelines established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA):

Level 1: This is the typical annual visual inspection recommended for homeowners with gas or wood-burning heating appliances.

Level 2: A level two inspection is an expanded examination that includes a video flue scan. It is required before the sale or transfer of real property. It is also necessary if any modifications or new installations to the chimney or connected heating appliances have occurred since the last inspection. If there was a chimney fire since the previous inspection, a level two inspection is also required.

Level 3: When a level 1 or level 2 inspection reveals a potentially serious problem, a level three inspection is necessary. It usually involves removing a portion of the structure to access an inaccessible area of the chimney system.

chimney flue cleaning in Finksburg MD

Chimney Sweep

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), as little as 1/8” of creosote is dangerous and should be removed. That’s why Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps, along with national fire safety experts, encourage all homeowners in Finksburg and throughout Maryland to clean their chimney and attached heating appliances every year.

When you schedule chimney cleaning in Finksburg, MD, a Certified Chimney Sweep® will arrive in a marked company with the professional tools, supplies, and equipment to thoroughly perform the work to your satisfaction. The technician cleans the entire chimney system, including any attached heating appliances, ensuring it is free of ash, soot, creosote, and other debris. Any flue obstructions will be cleared, as well as any defects observed that need repair or replacement.

we fix leaky chimneys in Finksburg MD

Leaky Chimneys

A chimney leak can occur at any time, but chimneys that are older or have unrepaired damage are more susceptible. The freeze-thaw cycle that often occurs throughout the winter can also erode bricks and mortar, creating voids where water can enter the chimney. Some areas to watch for include the flashing, chimney cap, chimney crown, and damper.

Water is incredibly destructive to masonry chimneys. It softens the masonry causing bricks to crack, split, and crumble. It can also damage the flue tiles and corrode other internal components. Some signs that you may have a leaky chimney include:

  • Broken or missing chimney cap
  • Cracked chimney crown
  • Water in the firebox
  • Gaps in the mortar joints
  • Flue condensation
  • Mold inside the fireplace or chimney
  • Unpleasant smells in the fireplace

chimney liner replacement in Finksburg MD

Chimney Repairs in Finksburg, MD

Making timely repairs is vital to prolonging the lifespan of your chimney and fireplace. A Certified Chimney Sweep® will accurately diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs to maximize your chimney's safety and efficiency and attached heating appliances.

Our certified technicians are trained to perform all types of chimney repairs, such as:

  • Masonry Repair
  • Tuckpointing/Repointing
  • Flashing Repair and Replacement
  • Chimney Cap Repair and Replacement
  • Chimney Crown Repair and Replacement
  • Chimney Liner Repair and Replacement
  • Damper Repair and Replacement

chimney masonry repair in Finksburg MD

Chimney Rebuilding

A masonry chimney in disrepair or has suffered severe damage may need a complete or partial rebuild. Chimney rebuilding entails removing the damaged portions of the structure while preserving the internal components as much as possible. Our expert chimney masons then rebuild the chimney using established industry guidelines that comply with current building codes.

Whether we perform complete or partial chimney rebuilding, you will have a stunning, durable, and safe chimney that will perform for decades. Keeping your family warm and safe while enjoying your home heating appliances is what the professionals at Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps have been doing for over thirty years.