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 Chimney Brick & Masonry Work in Westminster, MD


Chimney Masonry Repair in Westminster, MDWhether it’s a leaky chimney, trouble with loose bricks, damage to your chimney liner or any other problem, we’re the problem-solvers and are ready to tackle chimney repair issues all year long.

Chimney Repair Services for Your Westminster Home

Leaky chimney repair: A chimney leak can lead to extensive water damage throughout the chimney system as well as the house itself. Chimney leak work involves determining the source of the leak and making the necessary repairs.

Masonry repair and tuckpointing: Damaged bricks and mortar can cause the chimney structure to be unsafe. Tuckpointing is one way to address this by scraping out decayed areas and adding fresh new mortar for strengthening.



Chimney rebuilding: When a chimney is severely damaged, partial or complete chimney rebuilding may be necessary. If your Westminster chimney needs to be rebuilt, trust only experienced, licensed professionals for the job.

Chimney liner repair: Chimney liners, whether clay tile, stainless steel or poured-in-place, eventually need repair. Our crew can make minor repairs or install a new liner, if necessary. This will prevent damage to the interior chimney masonry and the home itself.

Chimney cap repair: A damaged chimney cap allows water to get into the chimney system and its components. If your cap needs replacing, let us build you a custom outside mount chimney cap that offers complete protection.

Chimney chase top repair: Chase tops, which are common with pre-fab chimneys, can become rusted and otherwise damaged. A compromised chase top cannot protect components beneath it from water damage and gradual decay.

Masonry chimney crown repair in Westminster, MD

Chimney crown repair: When a cement chimney crown begins to crack, water easily infiltrates the cracks and causes further damage. Chimney crown repair may involve waterproofing, crack repair or complete chimney crown rebuilding.

Flashing repair: The flashing around the exterior base of your chimney protects your Westminster home from water damage, mold, mildew and rot. Flashing is a simple component but serves a very important purpose. We can repair or replace damaged flashing.

Fireplace damper repair: Rusted or broken dampers can’t create an air-tight seal, which means a constant exchange of exterior and interior air. We’ll inspect your damper and recommend repair or the installation of a new damper.

Smoke chamber parging: The smoke chamber is located just above the firebox and serves to efficiently channel smoke up into the flue. Worn or rough chamber surfaces can impede drafting and collect large amounts of flammable creosote. Parging smooths out the smoke chamber’s surfaces.

30+ Years Serving Residents of Westminster, MD, & the Entire DC Area

Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps Fireplace & Grills employs CSIA-certified chimney sweeps and chimney repair technicians to keep your chimney safe and in good working order. Homeowners have trusted our expertise for more than 30 years, and we take great pride in serving our valued customers throughout Westminster and across the Washington, DC, region.

If it’s time for chimney repair service in Westminster, MD, Candice Estates, MD, Chewsville, MD, Eldersburg, MD, Ellicott City, MD, or all other local communities, call Magic Mountain first at (301) 695-6991.

Remarkable Chimney Repair & Maintenance Service in MD & DC Areas

Many people search for services of repairing chimney bricks as they don’t want to revamp their chimneys from scratch. If you also want to upgrade the chimney bricks then trust Magic Mountain Chimney with our remarkable service of repairing chimney bricks. 

We are experts in providing the best chimney repair service in the MD and DC areas. You can trust us with your money and time, and let us help you enjoy the best winters with a fully-functional chimney.