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Why the Lowest Bidder for Chimney Work Isn’t Always the Best Choice

The cost of services is important, and saving money is something we all want to do. But when it comes to hiring a chimney cleaning, repair or restoration company, letting price be your only guide could lead to very serious problems with your chimney system down the line. Here’s why. What does “lowest price” really Read more

How to Safely Start Using an Old Fireplace

Staring into an old fireplace that you would love to light but hasn’t been used in years can give you the chills. Central heating may be convenient, but it doesn’t compare to the sights, sounds, and aromas of a crackling fireplace that is reminiscent of winter. Also, why spend money heating the entire home when Read more

A Dirty Chimney Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Many homeowners depend on the fireplace to keep their home warm and comfortable during the winter. However, annual chimney cleanings and inspections are essential and shouldn’t be avoided. A dirty chimney can negatively impact the health of your family.  The particles of dirt and other contaminants attach to the walls and components inside the chimney when Read more

Spalling Chimney Bricks: Why it Happens & How to Address It

Spalling is a common term used in the chimney services industry to describe chimney bricks that have begun to decay and fall apart. Older chimneys often show signs of spalling – as do newer chimneys when certain events have caused damage. If you have spalling brickwork in parts of your chimney, here’s what you need Read more

Warning Sign It’s Time to Replace or Repair a Wood Stove by Professional Wood Stove Repairman

Wood-burning stoves are a popular heating appliance, especially with homeowners who want to reduce energy costs. A well-made wood stove with regular cleaning and maintenance can last 10 to 20 years or more. Noticing one or more of the following warning signs will help you determine whether it’s time to repair or replace your wood Read more

Places You Never Thought Of Putting a Fireplace But Should

Words people associate with fireplaces have all the feels! Why have a fireplace in just one room when sitting by a lit fireplace makes people feel things like love, coziness, warmth, comfort, and relaxation? No need to tear yourself away from glowing flames just because you’re going to bathe or read in bed. There are Read more

 What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Their Chimney

There is more to a chimney than lighting the fireplace on a chilly day. Having a basic understanding of the chimney and its components will help you maintain it properly, increase its efficiency, and keep your family safe. Chimney type There are three basic types of chimneys, and homeowners should know which type was built Read more

Maintenance and Care of Gas Logs | Gas Log Cleaning Service

One of the many benefits of a gas fireplace is its clean-burning and lower maintenance features. But low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. Gas fireplaces are liquid fuel heating appliances. And although they produce much fewer contaminants than its wood-burning counterpart, they still produce some residue, including creosote. Since residue from gasses can be corrosive, Read more

Gas, Wood, or Pellet: Choosing the Best Heating Stove for Your Home

Heating stoves are the most economical way to heat a home. They can be used to warm a room or heat an entire home. And whether you are planning to buy a new heating stove for your home or replace an older unit, there are many choices available. Understanding the different types of heating stoves Read more

Is Your Fireplace Cold & Drafty? Here Are Some Drafty Fireplace Solutions.

Homeowners who struggle with a cold and drafty fireplace usually are operating a traditional open masonry fireplace. These fireplaces are notorious for allowing cold air into the house and sending warm air outside. If this is a challenge you’re facing, you’ll be glad to know there are some good drafty fireplace solutions. Let’s look at Read more